Thursday, September 1, 2016

Q&A With Borrowed & Blue

Hello September! I'm excited to share a little interview I did with Borrowed and Blue, a locally-focused online wedding resource, that gives couples a little background into our event planning services.

Here’s our Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:  

If you could possibly narrow it down, what would be your favorite moment of a wedding day? The ceremony. So much goes into planning a wedding and that moment is the reason why we do all of this work. It’s so special to see two people get married and hear them exchange vows. It can get pretty busy/crazy before the ceremony and that’s one of the moments of calm that I love.
Describe your event aesthetic in three words. Simple, elegant and timeless

The first thing you ask when you sit down with a couple? I ask them what they envision (when it comes to style, food, etc.) for their wedding and what are they most excited about. That way I can remember to keep those details in mind when working through everything to make sure it’s what they want. I also love hearing about the proposal :)

Top three pieces of advice for couples who just got engaged? 1. Enjoy the engagement time. Don’t rush to start planning. 2. Focus on what you want and not what you see online or on social media 3. Focus on each other during the wedding planning process and why you are doing all of this.

Most important detail of wedding decor? That’s a hard one. I would say floral centerpieces. They usually make a statement when it comes to wedding decor and if budget allows, I think it’s more worth it to spend money there when it comes to decor. 

Your thoughts on DIY weddings? DIY weddings are nice if it’s something the couple wants, but it can be more work/stress than one might think. I think there are parts of a wedding you can DIY (like paper goods, favors, things like that) but not everything where you hire people you know to service your wedding or make centerpieces. It ends up being more work for the client and less enjoyable during the planning process. 


What would your ideal tablescape look like? Lots of pretty lush floral with ivory/white flowers (garden roses, peonies, ranunculus) with lots of greenery (I love eucalyptus + olive branches). And touches of gold in the china/flatware etc. I love simple and elegant decor with not too much color (just my personal style!). And nice chairs ;)

Your favorite of all the San Francisco wedding venues? I love the Flood Mansion & Bently Reserve. 

The most important part of wedding planning? Enjoying it! It can be stressful at times, but that’s why hiring wedding professionals you trust can allow you to enjoy the wedding planning process and prevent you from getting so overwhelmed with the many details that go into planning. Our goal as planners is to ensure wedding planning is enjoyable for our clients so they sit back and not have to worry about anything during wedding planning and on their wedding day. 

Describe your dream wedding. Good question! I love smaller weddings of around 75-100 people. I love venues that are already nice on their own and need some decor to dress it up - like nice linens and chairs and gorgeous flowers. I’ve found that smaller weddings allow for the couple to really enjoy the time with their guests and they be able to see and talk to everyone. And I love a good dance party :)

photos by Catie Coyle Photography


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